Monday, November 2, 2009

Soaking Up the Sun...

Enjoying our favorite summer activity- hangin' out and enjoying the sunshine and the ocean at the beach

Sweet Little Kids

Ava and her cousin Gavin showin' some love at beach week.

Anyone heard of making sand angels?

Ava loves hanging out at the beach! This particular day she kept laying on this spot in the sand and moving her arms and legs up and down as if she was making a sand angel.

Tammy, Mom-in-law Carolyn, Marie and Lyndsey- enjoying the amazing view at Cap's for Tammy's Birthday.

Family Beach Week!

Hangin' out with Sam's family for our annual beach week. This year we went to St. Augustine Beach, and we got a cool beach house with three levels that was really fun. I think we all left happier, more relaxed and a little more tan :)